For starters, I don’t know why I have developed this mental block that non-stick is unhealthy. I mean, I have read enough on net to tell me that aluminum is unhealthy too. But non-stick cookware sort of rings a warning bell in my mind that it is “carcinogenic”. They use perfluorooctanic acid for making that layer on the non-stick pan, which a few studies has shown to emit some carcinogenic fumes.


Now, I know that many people read what I read, and many people use these non-stick cookware sets. If they were so harmful, there would be some ban against them from governments, right? But that is not happening, so these cookware sets can’t be all that bad. Periodically, I do become sane and less paranoid about health.

But do I have many choices? Not really. Steel vessel simply burns away my seasoning and so I have to use thick gauge of aluminum for getting that seasoning done perfectly. But recently I came across an article that aluminum can be deadly too. Aluminum’s sins can be as deadly as brain or vision problems, and damage to intestinal lining. Now, I do have some gastric problems, and I am afraid, my doctor is not zeroing in on aluminum. The article added cancer to the list, so I am left wondering why am I still using aluminum? I also read another article that hinted on link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. But then, aren’t most people using aluminum vessels? Why only a fraction of them develop such dreaded diseases?

There were reports about the cookware sets for microwave oven too. In fact, there were reports again microwave itself. Again I rationalize. Why is government not doing anything to stop production of such vessels, if indeed such vessels are hazardous for health. The seed of doubt once sown, germinates. It is hard to banish the thought.

My mind gets worked up on such things, because I have seen an aunt die of stomach cancer, and I know how much she suffered. This is the reason, I am now looking for a good earthen cookware set that can be used for seasoning and I found out this site. I see those chefs on television sets using those pots and I think can there be anything safer than that. But we are so accustomed to dish washers, and displaying our utensils. We don’t want to be seen with something that turns unevenly black, and something that can’t be cleaned perfectly. In fact, I am afraid even of the perfect looking earthen cookware sets. I suspect they used some chemicals for getting that finishing, and that chemical will show its effect on me or my loved ones, sometime down the lane. This is the reason that though I loved that smooth rust colored earthen cookware set that I saw in the mall today, I didn’t buy any.

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