When I was shopping for good bread machines, I was looking for a good appliance with consistent performance. This means that the machine should turn out loaves that have a good color, a crisp crust, a light and airy crumb, and most importantly good flavor. I also wanted a machine that has straightforward operation, and the instruction manual should provide precise directions for me to use the appliance. The walls in my apartment are pretty thin and so I was also looking for a bread machine with relatively quiet operation so that I don’t disturb my next door neighbor.
Another thing I was looking for was a machine with intuitive controls, and the displays had to be easy for me to read. I also wanted a machine that didn’t need a lot of time and effort to find or use my desired setting because I’m a busy soccer mom without a lot of time to spare. The other thing I was looking for was a bread machine with a basic and dough cycle only because I didn’t need a bread machine with all the bells and whistles yet I didn’t need them.

My family consists of my husband and I and our two small boys and so I wanted a small machine that can make a pound of loaf, which offers about eight slices of bread. The shape of the loaf was not so important to me, and it didn’t matter whether the bread machine made horizontal or vertical loaves. However, one thing that I would not compromise on was being able to peek at the loaf while it was being made, and so I was looking for a bread machine with a viewing window. Another thing I wanted was a bread machine with a timer because I wanted to set up everything the evening before, and then wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. I read this bread maker review and thought I would get one like hers.

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