You are never prepared for family to grow big. Let me tell you that. This year, my grandchildren would be spending Halloween with us, and I am really looking forward to their arrival.

But we do have to plan their sleeping arrangements. The couch can only be enough for one person, and buying more beds is not an option. I would rather spend it on my moppets rather than on additional beds that will be rarely used.

My husband too feels that it would be unwise to spend on additional beds. Both of us seem to have this telepathy. We agreed that a nice large air mattress that we could place in the drawing room, in front of the television set, would be the right thing. After going through many air mattress and air bed reviews, we managed to find the best air mattress for kids.


Of course, I want the air mattress to be durable, and well, these are little children. They are going to spill something or the other. My kids did that when they were young so I have no reason to believe my grandchildren would be any different. I naturally need something that is water proof. The older one is about 7 years old, and he may try to poke something. I hope we are able to find something that is not easy to poke or damage. I intend to stitch a cotton cover too so that it protects the air mattress. But for that I need the exact measurement of the mattress.

I only hope that they don’t find inflating and deflating those mattresses too fascinating like we did when we were young. There are a few of those mattresses that are up within 3 minutes, so I guess, that would not be such an issue. Nowadays, there is some arrangement at the bottom of these mattresses as well for preventing easy movement of the light mattress. I want that feature in the air mattress that we purchase. I saw that in my sister in law’s air mattress. On the whole shape, size, color, and pump will be the other features that I will focus on. I do need to go to nearest showroom to confirm whether or not what is stated on the net is true. Who knows I might find a cheaper deal there.

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