Technology is a term that is quickly sinking into people’s mind day per day. As this term becomes so rampart in many fields, so thus designers and manufactures of microwave ovens. These designers or manufacturers are having sleepless nights trying to come up with devices that embrace the latest technologies required by technology-enlightened customers. Failure to do so will imply that they soon or latter close their business due to lack of customers to buy their old-fashioned devices. Therefore, most companies have tried their best to deliver up to date microwave oven devices. Now, the challenge has been shifted to customers. In most cases, a customer with no ideal information about a certain product he/she needs to buy will be faced with many challenges as the market has a vast number of sophisticated devices, all looking amazingly good and perfect.

If choosing the best microwave oven will be a challenge to you, then, worry no more as this article has good news for you as it presents you with the top microwave oven reviews that will ultimately make your shopping easy. However, before you step into a microwave oven store, let the following information be at your fingertips:

  • What are the program settings of the device?
  • Is the device easy to use?
  • What are the design features you are looking for?
  • Where are you going to place that oven?
  • Is the oven price of interest to you?
  • Does that designer/manufacturer of that device has efficient and effective help and support services?

And so on, the list is endless, but the above tips will suffice.

A satisfied customer will always be heard spreading the gospel truth of that device, and the inverse is true. Therefore, the following are the best ten microwave ovens as their reviews reveals positive reputation:

Panasonic NN-SD377S

This is one of the amazing ovens with many unique presets with limited color options. It is available in stainless steel form only. You are advised to read its manual for more directions and features. It is sold at $ 97.16 in most stores.

Haier MWM0701T

This is second most-rated and reviewed microwave oven. It is lightweight, handy, and suitable for countertop cooking activities. It has a basic program setting. It is suitable for cooking snacks and meals for one or two people. Its price is only $93.83.

Amana AMC 1070XB

It is the third most reviewed oven with some unique features such as audible tones, quick touch button, and preset programs, automatic temporary locking that prevents unauthorized persons from starting the device, and so on. It is 0.7 cubic feet, suitable for tiny countertops. Its price is only $109.00

Sanyo EM-S2588

It is yet another amazing product from Sanyo Electronics Company. It has two stages that allow one to set five custom presets with ease. It is just a good microwave for basic home/office uses. Its price is $ 158.00.


This is one of the best ovens ever produced. It is made of an attractive stainless steel. It has been designed with all basic functions of an oven. However, it has limited presets. Its price is only $ 83.49.


This is yet another microwave oven that has been praised for its durability and a functional help and support services from the mother company website. It offers basic cooking functions and settings. Its price is $71.39

Kenmore 6907

This is a handy little microwave appliance yet with all the useful and usual features. It is used for basic microwave cooking activities and needs. It selling rice is only $77.26.

Sharp R-1874

Its convection features are more suitable for most households. This oven has all the basic features for a handy oven. It is sold at $584. 40.

Samsung SMH187ST

If you are a working mum, then, this oven suits more as it has an amazing kid’s meals button. In addition, its size and quick defrost functions makes it suitable for family cooking needs. Its price is $298.00.

Bosch HWV3021U

The list of top reviews of the best microwave ovens will be incomplete without mentioning the above device. The amazing feature with this oven is that you can program it to cook common dishes. Its price is $379.00 only.

With the above reviews, a customer with the problem(s) stated earlier in the introductory part of this article will have something to guide him/her while choosing the best microwave oven.

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