The cutting board is always seen in a real kitchen, one that is regularly cooked in, because no chef can prepare all of his ingredients without cutting at least one or two of them.

There are many kinds of cutting boards nowadays, made of different cutting board materials. What is the best cutting board to use then? Experts have debated over the safety of using one type of board over another, and which one is easier to clean.

Here is a general outline of the various types of cutting board, and the pros and cons of each. I believe that the best type of cutting boards should be a personal choice, rather than what others tell you, but you can certainly refer to opinions on the internet.

Wooden cutting boards are traditional and remain to be used widely. Most wooden boards are made of maple, but other kinds of woods are also used. Wood is one of the best cutting boards because it is kind to knives, and it is also self resurrecting. It is known that wooden boards heal small cuts over time, and they can also be resurfaced. On the down side, wooden boards are more difficult to sanitize, as they cannot be cleaned in the dishwasher.

cutting board

Bamboo is another plant used to make cutting boards. Bamboo cutting boards have the advantages and disadvantages of wooden cutting boards, and many people prefer them because they are more environmentally friendly compared to wooden ones, seeing that the bamboo plant grows in a much shorter time.

Plastic cutting boards are very widespread, as they are the most affordable, are dishwasher safe, and available in any variety of colors, size, flexibility and thickness. Flexible plastic boards are popular for food transfer. However plastic boards do not last very long and sharp good kitchen knives will damage the surface, leaving cuts that can harbor bacteria.

Glass cutting boards are made of tempered glass. They are heat resistant, beautiful, durable and easy to clean. Nevertheless they are not popular because many people cannot bear the sound and the feel of the knife coming in contact with glass. Glass boards are also very harsh on your knives.


If you take more care of your cutting boards, they will certainly last longer. Besides, you will reduce the risk of food contamination. Here are some tips for your cutting board care.

Wash your boards immediately after each use. Letting your board sit around with remnants of food is certain to increase the risk of bacteria growth.

  • Cutting boards should be washed in hot soapy water. If you want to remove odors, use a slice of lime or lemon to rub the surface of the board.
  • Let your board dry completely before putting it away.
  • Don’t wash a wooden or bamboo cutting board in the dishwasher. They will crack.
  • Don’t cut food on the same board you used earlier to cut raw meat. Wash the board first, and it goes similarly for your knife.
  • Throw cutting boards away once they have developed deep cracks and cuts. Those cracks can harbor bacteria and are hard to sanitize.

Buying the right board and caring for it the right way will ensure you have a safe and useful cooking tool.

We’ve told you how the best rice cooker can work as a DIY sous vide machine and make amazing risotto the lazy way, but did you know that it can also make pancakes, bread, mashed potatoes, and poached fruit?

Rice Cooker Pancakes
Of course, when we say “pancake,” it’s more like a literal cake rather than the stack of flapjacks most of us are used to—but it still tastes like a pancake.

This recipe could not be easier. Just grab your favorite box of pancake mix (or make your own) and follow the instructions on the back to make a cup of two of batter, but not too much. (Rocket News24 points out that too much batter will overflow the machine as it cooks.) Mix all the ingredients in the bowl of your rice cooker and set to cook. You can also add fun mix-ins, like fruit or chocolate chips.

Rice Cooker Mashed Potatoes
Rice cookers are also perfect for making mashed potatoes. Peel and slice up your potatoes, put them in the rice cooker with a small amount of water and salt, and go read a book or watch TV while the machine steams them to fluffy perfection.

All you have to do is take them out, drain them, and then add butter, milk, and a very special ingredient for the fluffiest mashers ever.

Rice Cooker Poached Fruit
If you want a healthy dessert, look no further than your rice cooker. It’s easy to poach fruit in there. Wash and slice the fruit of your choice, then add that with some poaching liquid (whether that’s water, wine, or something else) and sweeteners, if any are desired. I like to throw in a cinnamon stick sometimes to make it fancy.
rice cooker poached fruit

Rice Cooker Applesauce
You can also make applesauce in a rice cooker. This is a godsend if you have kids and want to feed them the organic stuff. It’s much cheaper to make at home. (You can also speed through apple peeling with a little know-how.)

Rice Cooker Bread
Finally, what about bread? A lot of cooks don’t like to bake and vice versa, but homemade bread is one of the best sources of joy in a cook’s life. It’s also surprisingly easy to make without a machine, but with a machine? It’s child play.

Just don’t buy a breadmaker. Instead, mix up a quick batch of no-knead bread dough, and put it inside your rice cooker where it can rise and bake, saving you the hassle of dirty mixing bowls.

So what are you waiting for? Put your rice cooker to work so you don’t have to. Plus, you can make actual meals in that machine, too, but keep in mind that these tricks will also work with slow cookers, since the principle behind them is nearly the same. In fact, most new model rice cookers are sold as combination slow cookers.

What ingenious rice cooker hacks do you know?

You are never prepared for family to grow big. Let me tell you that. This year, my grandchildren would be spending Halloween with us, and I am really looking forward to their arrival.

But we do have to plan their sleeping arrangements. The couch can only be enough for one person, and buying more beds is not an option. I would rather spend it on my moppets rather than on additional beds that will be rarely used.

My husband too feels that it would be unwise to spend on additional beds. Both of us seem to have this telepathy. We agreed that a nice large air mattress that we could place in the drawing room, in front of the television set, would be the right thing. After going through many air mattress and air bed reviews, we managed to find the best air mattress for kids.


Of course, I want the air mattress to be durable, and well, these are little children. They are going to spill something or the other. My kids did that when they were young so I have no reason to believe my grandchildren would be any different. I naturally need something that is water proof. The older one is about 7 years old, and he may try to poke something. I hope we are able to find something that is not easy to poke or damage. I intend to stitch a cotton cover too so that it protects the air mattress. But for that I need the exact measurement of the mattress.

I only hope that they don’t find inflating and deflating those mattresses too fascinating like we did when we were young. There are a few of those mattresses that are up within 3 minutes, so I guess, that would not be such an issue. Nowadays, there is some arrangement at the bottom of these mattresses as well for preventing easy movement of the light mattress. I want that feature in the air mattress that we purchase. I saw that in my sister in law’s air mattress. On the whole shape, size, color, and pump will be the other features that I will focus on. I do need to go to nearest showroom to confirm whether or not what is stated on the net is true. Who knows I might find a cheaper deal there.

For starters, I don’t know why I have developed this mental block that non-stick is unhealthy. I mean, I have read enough on net to tell me that aluminum is unhealthy too. But non-stick cookware sort of rings a warning bell in my mind that it is “carcinogenic”. They use perfluorooctanic acid for making that layer on the non-stick pan, which a few studies has shown to emit some carcinogenic fumes.


Now, I know that many people read what I read, and many people use these non-stick cookware sets. If they were so harmful, there would be some ban against them from governments, right? But that is not happening, so these cookware sets can’t be all that bad. Periodically, I do become sane and less paranoid about health.

But do I have many choices? Not really. Steel vessel simply burns away my seasoning and so I have to use thick gauge of aluminum for getting that seasoning done perfectly. But recently I came across an article that aluminum can be deadly too. Aluminum’s sins can be as deadly as brain or vision problems, and damage to intestinal lining. Now, I do have some gastric problems, and I am afraid, my doctor is not zeroing in on aluminum. The article added cancer to the list, so I am left wondering why am I still using aluminum? I also read another article that hinted on link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s. But then, aren’t most people using aluminum vessels? Why only a fraction of them develop such dreaded diseases?

There were reports about the cookware sets for microwave oven too. In fact, there were reports again microwave itself. Again I rationalize. Why is government not doing anything to stop production of such vessels, if indeed such vessels are hazardous for health. The seed of doubt once sown, germinates. It is hard to banish the thought.

My mind gets worked up on such things, because I have seen an aunt die of stomach cancer, and I know how much she suffered. This is the reason, I am now looking for a good earthen cookware set that can be used for seasoning and I found out this site. I see those chefs on television sets using those pots and I think can there be anything safer than that. But we are so accustomed to dish washers, and displaying our utensils. We don’t want to be seen with something that turns unevenly black, and something that can’t be cleaned perfectly. In fact, I am afraid even of the perfect looking earthen cookware sets. I suspect they used some chemicals for getting that finishing, and that chemical will show its effect on me or my loved ones, sometime down the lane. This is the reason that though I loved that smooth rust colored earthen cookware set that I saw in the mall today, I didn’t buy any.

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cutting aubergineChopping, slicing, cutting splitting are some of the things that you cannot evade when you are in a kitchen for a meal. However, with a wrong tool, you might find the above being a tough experience. When I realized that the time is come for me to start cooking on my own, I knew a nice knife will not only work better for me, but will build in me a self drive desire, to go and make a meal when time comes.

With the many advertised knives online, choosing the top quality kitchen knives can be a challenge. However, thanks to , because among the many available knife review sites, it has emerged to be an outstanding one. This is the site that gave me the best knife revelation in the world. Currently, I am in a possession of Victorinox Fibrox eight-inch knife, 40520 and I am enjoying its capability.

This knife’s blade is strong, made from a steel ribbon. It is light, and my most preferred one. It is further fairly balanced which makes it easy to grip due to the grippy composite calibration on the handle. I can admit that the handle is somehow longer, as compared to others that I have ever owned, a plus when it comes to using. This knife works the best.

Finding a knife is one thing, and finding a good knife is another thing. Finding a good knife will mean you follow a certain choosing criterion. For you to be rated among those individuals who have good knives, you should follow the below simple steps. First, go for a knife that has a better blade material as well as better architectural design. This will ensure your blade does not fold when a little more weight is applied on it, against a tough object. Then consider its balance and weight. For a perfect grip, and lastly go for your preferred size.

espresso (2)

To begin with; I am probably among some of the biggest shoppers of espresso machines around, and that is because of two key things; I do not only sell some of the best espresso machines in town, but coffee is one thing I make like everywhere I go. Whether I am in the office or just watching my favorite TV show at home, coffee is one drink I never miss to take. Being one of the people who come across these machines on daily basis, over and over, people come to me for advice when they are looking for the best machines. My friends have also come to know of this and once in a while I receive phone calls from them asking for the best espresso machine models out there. With my tips, nothing has ever gone wrong; the following are a few of the thing I always look out for when shopping for the best espresso machine.

For starters, I personally always look out for so many things, but I will try to squeeze a few of them here. The kind of brew I can get is important, and the best espresso machine is one that I can actually use to get a strong cup of coffee just like I wound find in any coffee bar in town. It does not even stop there; the best espresso is one that has been built to last. Being one the most frequent shoppers of these machines, at times, they can really get expensive and I wouldn’t want to spend all my savings on a machine that will not last or even break down in weeks. It is because of this that I also carefully assess the size and construction. The two must be right before I dish out my money. It is important.

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When I was shopping for good bread machines, I was looking for a good appliance with consistent performance. This means that the machine should turn out loaves that have a good color, a crisp crust, a light and airy crumb, and most importantly good flavor. I also wanted a machine that has straightforward operation, and the instruction manual should provide precise directions for me to use the appliance. The walls in my apartment are pretty thin and so I was also looking for a bread machine with relatively quiet operation so that I don’t disturb my next door neighbor.
Another thing I was looking for was a machine with intuitive controls, and the displays had to be easy for me to read. I also wanted a machine that didn’t need a lot of time and effort to find or use my desired setting because I’m a busy soccer mom without a lot of time to spare. The other thing I was looking for was a bread machine with a basic and dough cycle only because I didn’t need a bread machine with all the bells and whistles yet I didn’t need them.

My family consists of my husband and I and our two small boys and so I wanted a small machine that can make a pound of loaf, which offers about eight slices of bread. The shape of the loaf was not so important to me, and it didn’t matter whether the bread machine made horizontal or vertical loaves. However, one thing that I would not compromise on was being able to peek at the loaf while it was being made, and so I was looking for a bread machine with a viewing window. Another thing I wanted was a bread machine with a timer because I wanted to set up everything the evening before, and then wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread. I read this bread maker review and thought I would get one like hers.

Technology is a term that is quickly sinking into people’s mind day per day. As this term becomes so rampart in many fields, so thus designers and manufactures of microwave ovens. These designers or manufacturers are having sleepless nights trying to come up with devices that embrace the latest technologies required by technology-enlightened customers. Failure to do so will imply that they soon or latter close their business due to lack of customers to buy their old-fashioned devices. Therefore, most companies have tried their best to deliver up to date microwave oven devices. Now, the challenge has been shifted to customers. In most cases, a customer with no ideal information about a certain product he/she needs to buy will be faced with many challenges as the market has a vast number of sophisticated devices, all looking amazingly good and perfect.

If choosing the best microwave oven will be a challenge to you, then, worry no more as this article has good news for you as it presents you with the top microwave oven reviews that will ultimately make your shopping easy. However, before you step into a microwave oven store, let the following information be at your fingertips:

  • What are the program settings of the device?
  • Is the device easy to use?
  • What are the design features you are looking for?
  • Where are you going to place that oven?
  • Is the oven price of interest to you?
  • Does that designer/manufacturer of that device has efficient and effective help and support services?

And so on, the list is endless, but the above tips will suffice.

A satisfied customer will always be heard spreading the gospel truth of that device, and the inverse is true. Therefore, the following are the best ten microwave ovens as their reviews reveals positive reputation:

Panasonic NN-SD377S

This is one of the amazing ovens with many unique presets with limited color options. It is available in stainless steel form only. You are advised to read its manual for more directions and features. It is sold at $ 97.16 in most stores.

Haier MWM0701T

This is second most-rated and reviewed microwave oven. It is lightweight, handy, and suitable for countertop cooking activities. It has a basic program setting. It is suitable for cooking snacks and meals for one or two people. Its price is only $93.83.

Amana AMC 1070XB

It is the third most reviewed oven with some unique features such as audible tones, quick touch button, and preset programs, automatic temporary locking that prevents unauthorized persons from starting the device, and so on. It is 0.7 cubic feet, suitable for tiny countertops. Its price is only $109.00

Sanyo EM-S2588

It is yet another amazing product from Sanyo Electronics Company. It has two stages that allow one to set five custom presets with ease. It is just a good microwave for basic home/office uses. Its price is $ 158.00.


This is one of the best ovens ever produced. It is made of an attractive stainless steel. It has been designed with all basic functions of an oven. However, it has limited presets. Its price is only $ 83.49.


This is yet another microwave oven that has been praised for its durability and a functional help and support services from the mother company website. It offers basic cooking functions and settings. Its price is $71.39

Kenmore 6907

This is a handy little microwave appliance yet with all the useful and usual features. It is used for basic microwave cooking activities and needs. It selling rice is only $77.26.

Sharp R-1874

Its convection features are more suitable for most households. This oven has all the basic features for a handy oven. It is sold at $584. 40.

Samsung SMH187ST

If you are a working mum, then, this oven suits more as it has an amazing kid’s meals button. In addition, its size and quick defrost functions makes it suitable for family cooking needs. Its price is $298.00.

Bosch HWV3021U

The list of top reviews of the best microwave ovens will be incomplete without mentioning the above device. The amazing feature with this oven is that you can program it to cook common dishes. Its price is $379.00 only.

With the above reviews, a customer with the problem(s) stated earlier in the introductory part of this article will have something to guide him/her while choosing the best microwave oven.

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Everyone loves to eat good food, but only a few of them know how to cook delicious and healthy food that would be appreciated by everyone. If you are one of those who are new in the field of cooking, then you need to learn some fine cooking methods that will assist you in making wholesome meals for your family. It may take some time to learn some brilliant cooking methods in order to make healthy food. However, you can start well by following some of the finest methods of cooking given below.


Braising is considered as one of the best cooking methods for making healthy meals. This process involves taking the meat or poultry and browning it over the stove before cooking it gently. Generally, the food is cooked after braising with water or broth. In some recipes, the liquid is used to make a nice gravy or sauce as well.


Another significant method of cooking is baking as it is the healthiest way preparing different dishes. Not only you can bake breads and desserts, but you can also bake poultry, meat, seafood and even fruits and vegetables. It’s just as simple as putting the food in the dish and bake it either covered or uncovered. You may consider basting the food with juice, broth or a marinade to avoid dryness.
grilled fish
Broiling and Grilling

These are two great ways of cooking healthy food as it helps in eliminating fat from several cuts of meats and other such meals. While broiling, ensure that you are using a broiler rack in order to achieve best results. You can also grill food outdoors, which is actually quite fun, but make sure to put smaller items on the foil, grill basket or on a grill plate.

Some other cooking methods include sautéing, which is popular for cooking thin and small items and poaching, which is an incredible cooking technique that doesn’t require fat.

There are many best food processors available in the market. Many manufacturers focus more on units that are suitable for home use. However, some well-known brand like Waring, do manufacture food processors that are more specialized for commercial use. Therefore, it is not surprising to find Waring food processor in restaurants, café, diners, and catering services.

food processor dipYou should understand that the set up for a food business are much more different from home. Although you will need the basic utensils to cook, in a food eateries the demands for these utensils and appliances are higher. If you want to run a food business you will need high quality products that are durable, convenient and of the best qualities. Not only you need to deal with cooking appliances, you also need to be well prepared of the right utensils for servings. However, one of the most important cooking appliances that you would need is definitely a high quality best food processor. You need to read some food processor reviews before buying one.

Waring food processor is definitely one of the best food processor for commercial use. The units have durable bowls, stable exteriors and other parts that is suitable for continuous long-term use. You can easily dissemble the bowl and place it in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. Moreover, it is designed from highly durable material that is also quite light and easier to handle. Most units have super large feeding tubes for easier use. Some units have special chutes for continuous processing directly to your own bowl. A better unit is a combination of both, which is very convenient for fast processing.

As for speed, it got one standard speed or pulse function. The pulse function is great for fine-tuning the chops or handling larger quantities ingredients. The blade is high quality S-blade that is locked into the bowl for easy pouring. The units also equipped with extra slicing disc for specific uses.

Another thing that is special about this category of Waring food processor are the warranties. Most units have warranties for both motors and the whole unit. Many users are quite comfortable buying a food processor from Waring due to the warranties and for the fact that Waring is already a strong brand name.

As for pricing, naturally the price is a lot higher than standard food processor. Still it is considered quite affordable for a business. Most of the units are well below a thousand dollar and is definitely a good investment for a food business. Food processors from Waring are both designed for home usage and commercial. Those that are designed for home use are definitely cheaper but still of high quality. Most of conventional food processor can even be used for smaller food eateries. In some cases, users choose to get the commercial food processor for home use. Though they do not really need to spend on buying commercial food processor but some users feels that a higher performance processor is the best food processor for them.

No matter whether you need a food processor for commercial or home usage, a Waring food processor is a good choice. Therefore, if you are considering high performance and durable units, read some more information on Waring and its many well-known kitchen appliances.